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Dr. Barba bio image

Alicia Barba


Dr. Alicia Barba is a Miami-based board certified dermatologist who is a recognized authority on cosmetic dermatology and skin treatments. She has lectured nationwide on acne and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, and has been chosen to teach other physicians on how to safely administer Botox®, Dysport™, as well as a number of dermal fillers.

Dr. Barba is founder of Barba Dermatology and co-founder of Barba Skin Clinic and SkinLab Miami, state-of-the-art centers for medical and cosmetic skin treatments. She has the scientific and medical training to perform advanced therapies to beautify the skin. She is devoted to sharing her expertise with her patients through an array of services she performs at her Miami offices, including surgical, procedural and cosmetic dermatology. As co-founder of SkinLab Miami, the go-to Miami destination for clinical facials, she is active in developing treatment protocols and the training of her aestheticians to serve the beauty needs of the clientele so that they deliver clinical results.

Dr. Alicia Barba received her medical degree from Harvard Medical School, completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Cambridge Hospital, and completed her dermatology residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Mohs Surgery, and the Miami Dermatology Society. Of Mexican heritage, Dr. Barba is fluent in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and gladly welcomes an international clientele to her practice.
Lilian Sarfati, MD


Costantino Cicchelli


Costantino Cicchelli is the Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Barba Skin Clinic. Costantino was born and raised in Rome, Italy. A master at growing world-class brands, Costantino is instrumental in ensuring the consistent excellence of our services. After finishing his business studies in Boston at Northeastern University, he went to work in corporate America, where he honed his business management skills and intuitive marketing sense. He partnered in 2011 with Dr. Alicia Barba, M.D., to open Barba Skin Clinic in 2012, and turned it into a true destination in South Fliorida. In 2022 Costantino and Dr. Barba did it again and partnered with Skinceuticals, the leader skincare brand in the USA, opening the SkinLab Miami in Coconut Grove.


Isa Hunte


Isa, the accomplished Senior Manager at SkinLab, shines as a bilingual talent, fluent in both English and Spanish. Her prowess lies in crafting and delivering an impeccable 5-star service experience within our esteemed skin clinic. With an adept touch, she orchestrates the seamless functioning of our skincare store, deftly handling product orders and astutely managing the aestheticians' schedules. Isa's commitment to excellence resonates as she ensures each patient's encounter is nothing short of extraordinary.

Proficiency with computers and phones amplifies Isa's capabilities, allowing her to navigate seamlessly through technological landscapes. As a beacon of positivity, reassurance, and preparedness, she consistently goes above and beyond to fulfill the diverse needs of our dynamic team and valued patients. Isa's dedication is unwavering, characterized by her relentless pursuit of accommodating requests and ensuring utmost satisfaction. Her managerial finesse truly defines the essence of SkinLab, leaving an indelible mark on our clinic's success and the lasting impressions we create.


Irene Cuesta


Irene Cuesta, PA-C is a board-certified Physician Assistant. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 1998 with an additional Master’s of Public Health. She has practiced medicine for over 2 decades, with a particular fascination with skin and beauty. Her natural aptitude for clinical dermatology and aesthetic medicine has led to a loyal following among her patients. Irene and Dr. Barba have a unique team-based style to their work, and practice using the same philosophy and approach to skin care and cosmetic treatments. Irene possesses comprehensive training and holds certifications in various areas, including acne treatments, medical-grade skincare, laser hair removal, IPL Photofacials, Botox®, fillers, fractional resurfacing treatments, and laser procedures. Her proficiency in Ulthera skin tightening treatments has garnered a dedicated following among both men and women seeking non-surgical facial skin tightening solutions. Irene is fluent in both English and Spanish and is known for her exceptional bedside manner and infectious dynamism.

Lilian Sarfati bio image

Lilian Sarfati


Dr. Lilian Sarfati, a distinguished Miami-based medical doctor, specializes in both Dermatology and Family Medicine. Graduating from Ross University School of Medicine in 2012, she further honed her skills during a prestigious residency at the University of Miami, followed by her fellowship in Dermatology at University of Texas. After practicing dermatology for more than five years in Brooklyn, NY she has returned to her home in Miami, Florida. Dr. Sarfati has risen to prominence as an authority in both general and cosmetic dermatology, mastering a wide array of skin treatments.

Armed with comprehensive scientific and medical training, Dr. Lilian expertly administers advanced therapies to enhance skin health and beauty. Her Miami office serves as a hub for an extensive range of services, encompassing surgical, procedural, and cosmetic dermatology. A fervent advocate for elevating standards, she passionately develops treatment protocols and guides the training of our aestheticians, ensuring the delivery of clinically impactful results.

Dr. Lilian's engaging demeanor is marked by an exceptionally welcoming attitude and bedside manner. Her patients warmly embrace her upbeat and ever-smiling disposition, relishing the opportunity to interact with her. Her affiliations include American medical Association and Florida Medical Association and American Academy of Family Physicians.

Fluency in both English and Spanish allows Dr. Sarfati to extend her reach to an international clientele, enhancing the diversity and richness of our practice. Additionally, she is comfortable in treating all ages and all skin types.

Her commitment to excellence and her holistic approach to patient care highly contribute to our cornerstone of our clinic's success and reputation.

Arianny Sandoval

Arianny Sandoval


Arianny Sandoval is our Medical Aesthetician and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality. She has worked intimately with Dr.Barba as her personal medical assistant and is a loving, passionate individual seeking to always help others reach their maximum results. With 14+ years of experience in beauty, skin, and management, Arianny has in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry. She values each and everyone of her clients, ensuring they get the best results through discipline and guidance. She enjoys walking through the step-by-step process with her patients! Throughout her career, she has educated others and maintained long term loyalty. Arianny joined us in 2018 and has been a great addition to our team. She strives to provide the utmost service to each of our clients and aids in maintaining a very professional, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Originally from Miami with Dominican roots, Arianny is fluent in English and Spanish.

Alexa Perez-Valle


Alexa Perez-Valle is a Florida Licensed Aesthetician who graduated from La Belle Beauty Academy. She was born and raised in Miami and always had an innate passion for healthy and beautiful skin. Her main objective: making others feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Alexa was always motivated to take her passion to the next level and decided to make it a career as a Licensed Aesthetician. Looking back, she says it was the best decision she had ever made. Alexa is bilingual English and Spanish, and her years of experience in the hospitality industry have taught her how to listen to her patients and give them the best service possible.
Alexa works alongside Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba, and she feels she has never been more fortunate to be part of our team. Alexa looks forward to making a difference in our patients’ skin, one facial at the time!

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